Never Stop Moving Forward

Stanbic Bank Never Stop Moving Forward Campaign


Stanbic Bank wanted to bring to life their campaign of Never Stop Moving Forward to ordinary Zimbabweans and position themselves as a bank that truly moves their customers forward.

The Idea

Never Stop Moving Forward


Stanbic Bank’s brand promise is ‘Making Progress Real’. To achieve progress one should always move forward.

The Execution

We began the campaign by sharing the above the line campaign material. This was against the premise that because of Stanbic Bank a once“intern” was now“creative director” thanks to Stanbic that helped him/her move forward through a financial product.

As the campaign rolled out the community caught up and asked who “Farai” was and what he did and how specifically the bank moved him forward. It was at this juncture that we decided the community needed real examples and not ’stock” examples.

We looked for existing clients who were moved forward by Stanbic Bank. We interviewed them taking into consideration all the questions asked and shared the content as videos. The videos resonated well with the community as they could now better relate to these existing clients as opposed to Farai and Patience.

The Results

Social Media

Campaign Impressions: 500K Total Video views: 12K Average engagement – 16%

Stanbic Enquiries

Brand warmth increased by 22%

Brand uplift increased by 10%

5% Increase in account opening and loan uptake through social media.