Stronger Together

2016 Ngoma Silver Award Winning Campaign

The Brief

Riding on Valentine’s wave, our client PSI Zimbabwe, wanted to increase the number of people who got tested as couples.

The Challenge

Getting tested for HIV is very important for one to know their status and take cautionary steps. Getting tested as a couple is even more complicated. We learnt that the reason why it is a challenge for many is the fear of rejection post testing.

 The Idea


Get couples to go and get tested together as a way of knowing their statuses and strengthening their relationships.

The Execution

To launch the campaign we reminded our target audience of what made their relationships strong. We then asked them how long they had been in their relationships and what kept them going.

A week from Valentines we invited our fans to go and get tested as couples as proof of how strong their relationships were.
We ran targeted Facebook and Twitter Ads in locations that had a New Start Centre in their towns.

To encourage them we then offered to make branded soccer jerseys and instead of the usual names “Farai” and “Rose” we decided to show everyone how long they had been together. So the backs read “Together Since 2015”

The Results

Social Media

Month on month organic reach: 35%
Campaign Impressions: 200 000
Total fans increase: 2562 new fans during campaign, 16%

PSI Services

Individual testing: An increase of 10% from previous period the year before

Couples testing: An increase of 50% from the previous period the year before.

30 social media couples went for testing and 25 won personalized jerseys